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Safe Tooth Extraction Performed By Experienced Dental Professionals Of course, it’s always better to have a complete set of teeth. However, certain situations require the removal of one or several teeth. Whether you need a simple tooth extraction or want to have your wisdom teeth removed, you can rely on Premier General Dentistry to give you the best service and to ensure your comfort and safety. Benefits of a Tooth Extraction There are several benefits from having a tooth extraction, such as:
  • Protect your teeth. If you have a tooth infection, you could put the rest of your teeth at risk. A tooth infection could worsen and leave you with more problems in the long run. Having an extraction can protect healthy tissues and save your smile.
  • Relieve pain. Severe pain due to an infected or damaged tooth can prevent you from eating or speaking. An extraction allows us to directly address the problem and give you immediate comfort.
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