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The Better (and Invisible!) Way To Straighten Your Teeth We all want a great smile. After all, a great smile can give us more confidence in our personal and social life. However, most of us suffer from misalignment or crowding that can result in more serious dental problems over time.

Here at Premier General Dentistry, our Invisalign-qualified dentists have the expertise to help you achieve healthier, straighter teeth through the innovative use of Invisalign®. Virtually invisible, Invisalign® straightens teeth without wires or metals, unlike traditional braces. Now you can comfortably straighten your teeth easier and more effectively.

Get your Invisalign® from Premier General Dentistry and see the difference.
The Benefits of Invisalign® Thinking of getting Invisalign®? You’ll love these benefits:
  • Virtually invisible. Since your aligners are clear, nobody has to know you’re straightening your teeth without the embarrassment that usually comes with traditional braces.
  • Comfortable to wear. Traditional braces are made of wires and metals that can sometimes irritate your gums and cheeks. Invisalign®, on the other hand, is made of BPA-free thermoplastic material that you can easily take off when you eat or brush and floss your teeth.
  • Easy maintenance. You only use the same aligners for two weeks so they are easier to take care of.
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